Am I allowed to post the pictures I downloaded?

Generally yes!
It should be for non commercial use only
(If you want to use it for anything commercially related please contact me first and I'm sure we'll find an agreement)

What to do when Posting a picture?

Please use only the version with the watermark when posting to Social Media platforms or sharing with groups of people.

Please make sure you do not harm anyone with a picture you post. (Best option is to just use pictures of you and people you know personally)

I would appreciate it if you would link me as the photographer, my accounts are:
Telegram: @AceFloof
For everything else you can use my website

Can I edit the photos before sharing?

Please make sure the watermark does not get removed, unreadable or obscured in any way.
If you need the original Watermark to add it again, it's available for download here.
(Minimum opacity is 35%, not less! Position is bottom right. Please do not change color, make it smaller or anything else.)

By the way, you can even get the original JPG or most of the times even RAW camera file of a picture for free by just asking me :)

What's the download password, what's it good for and how can I get it?

With the password you can get the original resolution JPG file without a watermark.

I generally give it to anyone who understands that the original files are for private use / editing only :)
If you want it, please contact me directly about it. Do not share the password with anyone else once you got it.

Can I use your photos as a profile picture or something similar?

This is a special case because (most of the times) you can't link me and you can't add a watermark because it looks ugly :P
But it's fine, you can of course use a picture I made as a profile pic, makes me happy to see every time :)

Any questions left?

Just contact me via Telegram: @AceFloof or Mail: [email protected]


Other License models might be provided individually by me in written form (i.e. email or chat)